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Zetor ZQ series

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ZQ Series

 Designed to deliver the best possible productivity and user benefits over along periodi of time. The innovative range of professional front loaders, called ZQ, provides farmers with extended durability, better visibility from the cabin, greater lift height, better system rigidity, wider selection of accessories, such as lights or a smart display, showing the weight of the load and the position of the loader.


ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. in cooperation with ÅLÖ AB launches front loaders under the name Zetor System. If you’re looking for a compatible and robust front loader, your best option is the ZETOR SYSTEM offer. The offer includes compact ZC loaders, basic ZL loaders or professional ZQ loaders, which enable you to choose a wide variety of accessories - for the most demanding users.

ZQ series
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Lift height(m)
Lift height at pivot pin 3.55 3.79 4.06
Lift height under work attachment 3.25 3.49 3.76
Operating angles (°)
Max. follback angle 48 48 48
Max. dump angle 58 58 57
Lift force at 800 mm from the pivot PIN (kg)
At max. lift height 1550 1920 1980
At a height of 1.5 m 1570 1940 2100
Maximum rollback force (kg)
800 mm from the pivot pin 2390 3360 3370
Weight (kg)
Front loader (boom) 520 575 620
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Superb visibility

No pipes that block visibility, low placement of cross tubes. The ZQ loader enables optimum visibility in all situations, including in the dark,as the tractor lights are not blocked.

Maximum lifting power

Solidly dimensioned loader arms and pins and optimally dimensioned cylinders are factors which significantly contribute to ZQ’s great lifting capacity.

Loader control system (LCS)

Unmatched control, direct response and fast motion reaction thanks to flow optimization for every task, independently of load weight.

Cross -brace

All joints where the loader receives the greatest load have been reinforced to be even stronger.One example is the boom arm front joint and the cross-brace.


Dimensioned cylinders, subframe system, bearing box, etc. Some examples of details that contribute to ZQ’s recognised high level of durability and long service life.

Attention to detail

Reinforcement plates are placed strategically to give additional strength and durability to all loaders.


the Q-COMPANION is a device that enables you to weigh your load, monitor the precise attachment position, carry out maintaenance based on actual time spent using the loader and much more.