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BouMatic Cyclone

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Cyclone : Produces soil-loosening turbulence and slugging impact for high-velocity milk line cleaning

The automatically controlled valve called the air injector is one of several major components of a clean-in-place system – in addition to the milking machine components. This valve is opened to admit air and move the cleaning solutions around the milk lines. The air injector may be located on a wash water delivery line or on the milk line.

The Cyclone air-injector system from BouMatic produces soil-loosening turbulence and slugging impact for high-velocity milk line cleaning. It can be used on any existing wash system.

You can choose the complete Cyclone air-injector system which includes an air injector controller and an air injector, or only one of these two parts.


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advantages at a glance

Adjustable air injector

The Cyclone air injector system is adjustable for up to 300 CFM capacity at 15 in. Hg Vac (8500L/min at 50Kpa). Moreover the Cyclone is independently adjustable on and off times.

Protected and hermetic system

The Cyclone air injector system has a resettable circuit breaker switch to protect components. During deanup its foam-type filter keeps insects and contaminants out of the system.

Approved system with interesting features

The Cyclone is approved by CSA and CE. This air injector includes a full 2 in. (5.1 cm) connection and it has a 230 Vac controller input, 50/60 Hz.