Ron's Bearings Equipment Sales
Family Run Business
Ron Ross
Ron's Bearings started with a young man at 14 years of age. He started out with very little money and space in the back of his father's workshop. Just a few bearings, sprockets, hubs and belts. Ron has been running that same business for going on 36 years in rural Woodville. Success has come from long hours, hard work and always being completely loyal to his customers.
In 2012 Ron had the opportunity to grow the business and added a second location. He expanded into everything from building grain bins, feed handling, large range of farm equipment, supplies, a full line of dairy products and Boumatic Sanitation, as well as a full-time expert mechanic working to keep all the machinery running in good order. Ron and his wife Rhonda along with their children are still running the farm that has been in the Ross Family name for over a hundred years.
Rhonda Ross (Ron's Wife) & Charlene LeBlanc (Ron's Sister)
Rhonda & Charlene are the Office Managers at the Lindsay & Woodville locations. They work very closely together to keep both Lindsay & Woodville offices running smoothly.
Rob Thurston (Rhonda's Brother)
Our full-time mechanic at the Woodville location. He works on all of the farm equipment that comes in for repair as well as running the counter in the store and countless other duties.
Joan Horne
Runs the store and most customer service at the Lindsay location, Joan keeps our store running smoothly.  Joan farms as well as works full time for Ron's Bearings Equipment Sales.
Warren Yates
Handles the Dairy Line Sales and Products. Warren also farms himself, and runs the Dairy Route Truck servicing the Dairy customers for the company.
Mitchell Ross (Son of Ron & Rhonda)
Works with Ron to provide customers with parts and materials to repair augers, stabling and countless other duties, as well as working on the family farm.